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Welcome to Agriculture Technology, where tradition meets innovation in the agricultural sector. Explore cutting-edge technologies in precision agriculture, sustainable practices, and crop health monitoring that revolutionize farming. From GPS and IoT-enhanced arable farming to AI-driven disease prevention, join us in shaping the future of agriculture with efficiency and environmental responsibility. is a leading English-language technical portal for engineers. It is part of Induportals Media Publishing, which handles 78 media in 25 different languages. Our international team of 10 editors covers product developments, application stories, and technical articles, as well as offering comprehensive analysis of the latest engineering trends.

Our content-rich site is updated daily and contains the information that allows readers to make relevant decisions in their daily operations.

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Today when decision makers in the industrial field are looking for information, digital media and leading search engines on the Internet are their first and favorite means. Induportals Media Publishing engages and sends valuable information to a highly targeted audience across a range of technologies and disciplines in order to amplify and maximize ROI. At Induportals Media Publishing, we have an extensive background in the industrial sector and continuously invest in increasing the circulation of our online magazines and e-newsletters, which has led to more than 1 million recipients worldwide. This global and wide-ranging reach provides advertisers a cost-effective solution where the average cost per click is from USD 0.2-3.
Our websites appear on the first page of search engines and are featured on many other portals, including professional associations. With this active promotion on various channels, Induportals Media Publishing websites average about 300,000 visitors a month.

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